The Equality Act 2010 essentially replace the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, but the essence and importance of what they say is the same. Business accessibility is vital to meet the needs of any customer base.

Improve Access To Your Business

Your commercial or public-facing business should work to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access and usage to everyday services such as hotels, restaurants, shops and public-facing services. Business accessibility is not just a nice idea, it is an essential part of how you treat your customers.

There’s every reason to put your services and products within reach of the broadest market.  If you have accessibility problems in a commercial or domestic setting, AJ Design have the solution for you.

AJ Design Make Business Accessibility Easier

We are experienced in making workplaces, retail shops and business premises more accessible.   We design solutions which are sympathetic to the nature of your space and design.  If we are working with you to design completely new fit-outs for your premises, we can build accessibility in from the ground up.

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